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Digestive Problems 

Digestive disorders come in many different forms. Everything from acid reflux, to IBS and celiac disease fall under the category of digestive disorders. Although many people seek treatment from their regular physician for these disorders, many are starting to turn to alternative medicine for treatment because of its fewer side effects.

Western medicine uses prescription medications and slight alterations to a patients diet to typically treat digestive disorders. Unfortunately, this may take several different drug combinations to achieve full relief, and often times medications can create unwanted side-effects. However, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can offer relief without the need for several medications and without uncomfortable side-effects.

Acupuncture Treatment for Digestive Disorders.

The digestive system is a key player in extracting nutrients and energy from food. In Chinese Medicine there are two main organs involved with digestion, the spleen and the stomach. These organs are said to receive and then process food into vital blood and energy that nourishes the entire body. So when somebody has digestive issues, the acupuncturist will most likely target the spleen and stomach meridian systems for treatment. Acupuncture can help rebalance and strengthen the function of these organ systems, regulate metabolism and decrease or eliminate gastrointestinal pain. There are also specific acupuncture points that can be used to address other symptoms and signs associated with various digestive disorders - for instance , vomiting, nausea, bloating, fullness and even water retention.

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